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16 Nov 2021
How to Avoid a Salesforce Project Failure?

Not seeing that 245% Return on Investment? That’s right, CRM implementations, when implemented correctly can see an average ROI of 245%​. This is an amazing return, however, it relies on key elements working in harmony - a planned implementation strategy aligned with business outcomes, structured user training and a cohesive approach to user adoption.

09 Nov 2021
The Perspective Podcast ep_5 - The Role of Software Architecture (Anup Jadhav - Salesforce)

In this podcast, Anup Jadhav (Salesforce) discusses the role of software architecture in the implementation process, how C-level execs can leverage Technical and Business architecture and the importance of having a change management strategy.

28 Oct 2021
Pexlify’s NFL Tailgate Party and NFL Gameday

This month, the Pexlify team hosted our first annual Pexlify NFL Tailgate Party in London, followed by attending the New York Jets versus the Atlanta Falcons in Tottenham Stadium.

19 Oct 2021
The Perspective Podcast ep_4 - The Benefits of a CLM solution (Howard Wassall, Conga)

In our latest episode of the Perspective Podcast, Colm is joined by Howard Wassall, Director of Sales Engineering at Conga, where they discuss all-things Contract Lifecycle Management.

07 Oct 2021
The Roles and Structure That Drive a Successful Salesforce COE (Part 2 of 3-part CoE series)

In part 2 of Centre of our Excellence series, Paul Delaney discusses what roles should you consider for a COE, what are those roles responsible for, and how that team should be organised and led.

30 Sep 2021
It’s our Birthday!

Pexlify is celebrating 6 years in business this week. We're sharing some of the highlights from the last year with you in this blog post.

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