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The Transition from Data Storage to Data Intelligence (with Salesforce Data Cloud)

The transition from traditional onsite data storage to the era of cloud computing and data intelligence has emerged as a defining feature of the digital age. In this post, we examine the impact of Salesforce’s Data Cloud, and how the platform propels data beyond mere storage, transforming it into a dynamic resource that guides strategy, enhances customer interactions, and streamlines workflows.

From Vision to Value: How Dreamforce 2023 is Shaping the Future of Business

After soaking up the avalanche of information and insights, Colm is sharing his recap and highlights from Dreamforce '23.

Dreamforce Agenda (at home)

Not heading off to San Francisco for Dreamforce? Want to know what is going on without having to walk around for hours? Not to worry, you can keep up with the conference online through Salesforce Live.

Salesforce Service GPT: AI’s New Role in Customer Service

In this article, we delve into the features and capabilities of Service GPT, highlighting how it resolves pressing challenges and offers innovative use cases for businesses.

Implement Email Campaigns in Marketing Cloud through Automation Studio and Journey Builder

One of the main goals of any Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution is to provide users with the ability to create customisable email campaigns that allow for interaction with customers. Both the Automation Studio and Journey Builder applications provided in the Cloud can be implemented to meet these requirements.

Winter ‘24 Release Timeline

We’ve put together a timeline of events that you need to know about for the Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release.

World Tour London ‘23

With Salesforce World Tour London now in the rearview mirror, we reflect on what was a hectic yet exciting week. Colm shares a recap on Salesforce World Tour London '23.

Salesforce’s AI Cloud: A Paradigm Shift for Sales Cloud

In a world increasingly dominated by AI, Salesforce is making some major moves. In Part One of this multi-part series focusing on EinsteinGPT, we going to deep dive into how Sales Cloud will be impacted by AI and EinsteinGPT.

Reimagining Customer Engagement: The Role of Salesforce Data Cloud

Do you need to improve business decisions but are having trouble integrating data from different sources? Or perhaps you're looking for a way to better understand your customers' behaviour to provide personalised experiences that boost engagement? In that case, Salesforce Data Cloud may be the answer.

Summer ‘23 Release

With the sun out and the rain tapering off, it's safe to assume that summer is on its way. This coming weekend marks the beginning of the Summer '23 release, so we thought it would be a good time to go over the essentials and highlight changes.

How Salesforce is empowering the Financial Times’ Business-to-Business (B2B) Digital Strategy

The Financial Times has streamlined its business processes and systems with the help of the Salesforce platform, enabling it to tailor its subscription sales procedures to the digital information market.

A Strategic Roadmap Discovery Use-Case: The Journey to Salesforce Success

Learn how Pexlify delivered a strategic roadmap discovery for a global bike manufacturer that provided a clear vision and goals for the platform, uncovered potential risks and challenges, and developed measurable outcomes that aligned to the client's strategic priorities.

Driving Efficiency: How CarTrawler Streamlined their Salesforce Platform

Pexlify's support team resolved any Salesforce-related issues and maintained the platform's balance between assisting users, managing backlogs, and working on new features and enhancements. Learn how CarTrawler benefited from Pexlify's support services and how it can help drive innovation on the Salesforce platform.

The Perspective Podcast ep_08 - Innovation with Commerce Cloud (Rasmus Mencke, Salesforce)

Join host Colm Barry in a discussion with Rasmus Mencke, Product & Strategy expert at Salesforce for Commerce Cloud. Learn about the cutting-edge technology powering Salesforce Commerce Cloud and how it's impacting businesses today. Discover how Salesforce is helping businesses with their commerce solutions, the biggest challenges facing the industry, and the future of Commerce Cloud.

Automation with MuleSoft Composer and RPA

Over the past few years automation of business processes has become more of a requirement. Evidence shows that automation can create a better customer and employee experience and mitigate data entry errors. When considering the solutions for these needs, MuleSoft Automation can help you democratise and accelerate innovation with its two powerful tools: MuleSoft Composer​ and MuleSoft RPA​.

Salesforce Events 2023

Here are all the Salesforce events you need to know about for 2023!

Revving Up Data Privacy: Salesforce Shield for the Automotive Industry

In this age of constant connectivity, it is more important than ever to safeguard sensitive client information. The automotive industry deals with a vast amount of sensitive data, from customer information and financial details to vehicle and warranty information. Because of this, it is essential for companies to have a robust encryption solution in place to protect this data and comply with data privacy regulations. Salesforce Shield offers several key benefits for companies that can help them address their data security needs and overcome common business challenges.

7 Ways Salesforce Improves Efficiency in Financial Services During a Recession

As businesses in all sectors around the world try to deal with the effects of a global economic slowdown, it’s become imperative to find ways to improve efficiency and streamline processes. Given this, there is much cause for optimism. Furthermore, Salesforce's platform can be instrumental in the rapid digitalisation of these institutions.

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