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21 Sep 2020
The Digital Transformation Journey: Planning Your Roadmap To Success

At the beginning of your Digital Transformation journey, you may seem overwhelmed and not sure where to start. The truth is that digital transformation (DX) isn’t easy. However, if you look at it with a wider lens, it is not just one big undertaking but a collective series of continual projects. In this post, we outline a roadmap to success for your digital journey.

3 Sep 2020
Winter ‘21 Release Highlights

We’re sharing some important dates and highlights you should watch out for from Winter ‘21 Release.

27 Aug 2020
The benefits of Salesforce for FinTech firms

Working in the Fintech industry can be extremely complicated, which is why many Fintech firms are choosing to implement Salesforce to drive business growth. In this blog, we'll be looking at the benefits of Salesforce for Fintech firms.

20 Aug 2020
Searching for a UK Salesforce Partner: Find the right path to Success

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner in the UK & Ireland, Pexlify knows the importance of selecting the right partner for your project. It is important to take a systematic approach when considering working with a partner. Your ultimate goal should be to find a partner that delivers your solution on time and meets all your requirements.

11 Aug 2020
Apex Continuation

Salesforce Developer, Paraic Cooney discusses Apex Continuation.

6 Aug 2020
Table Component for Flows in Salesforce Lightning - Part 2

Continuing on from part 1, Salesforce Developer Aidan discusses table component for Flows in Salesforce Lightning.