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19 Jan 2021
Salesforce to Slack Integration

Salesforce Developer, Paraic Cooney discusses our new solution to get notifications directly in Slack as soon as something of note occurs in Salesforce.

14 Jan 2021
Salesforce Events 2021

While most countries are still in the grip of the pandemic, we hope that towards the end of the year we may see some smaller events opening back up to the public - even if it’s with limited capacity. We have created a list of the most important events coming up this year.

7 Jan 2021
Styled Knowledge for Communities: Pexlify Articles Guide

Our new component, Styled Knowledge for Communities, is now available on the appexchange. Today we're sharing an overview.

22 Dec 2020
Spring ‘21 Release Information & Timeline

Another year, another update. Spring ‘21 is coming quick! Today, we wanted to share with you some specific timeline dates, important things to note, as well as some tips for Spring ‘21 release. 

17 Dec 2020
Developer Blog Post Round Up

Sharing some of our top blog posts from our knowledgeable developers with you.

17 Dec 2020
Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

As we look forward to 2021 with anticipation and excitement, we take a quick recap of an unforgettable year.